Catch me on WTCI’s “Raise Your Voice” in April!

Hello, readers! Back in February, I was invited to participate in a new collaboration between our local PBS station and a poetry group called Rhyme N Chatt (RNC). I worked with a poet named Kelly Williams to discuss my book Scribble, which is about a dispirited scribble waiting to find its purpose. We also discussed a poem Kelly wrote entitled “Us,” which touches on the same themes of self-reliance and self-empowerment.

The president of RNC, Marsha Mills, reached out to me because a mutual friend of ours had told her I had recently published a few children’s books and I might be a good candidate for this project. Marsha’s dream was to pair children’s authors and poets to have them interview each other and share their writing in order to show children that writers live right there in their community. That being a writer doesn’t mean you have to be famous or live in New York City. That anyone can write, right where they are.

I, of course, was very excited to participate, and now I am happy to say that my episode, as well as all the others, will be airing on Wednesdays at 10 AM Eastern throughout April. I can’t wait to watch them and find out more about my fellow children’s book authors and hear the poems that were written which share the same theme. I’m not sure which day my episode will be airing, but even if I did I wouldn’t tell you anyway because I think you should watch them all! 😉

If you’d like to know more about Rhyme N Chatt, Raise Your Voice, or WTCI Educate, please read the press release below, and be sure to mark your calendars so you can tune in in April!

Special WTCI series, Raise Your Voice, to feature local authors and poets in flagship show, Raise Your Hand 

April 1, 2023 

Chattanooga, TN – WTCI is pleased to announce its flagship program, Raise Your Hand, will broadcast a special series of episodes in partnership with local poetry organization, Rhyme N Chatt. This innovative series features local children’s and young adult authors, paired with local poets. The special series, titled Raise Your Voice, encourages viewers to use reading text as a way to inspire the creative process. Each segment begins with an introduction to acquaint viewers with the texts and themes, and concludes with a prompt for viewers to create their own stories or poems and submit for feedback.. 

Authors share their work and discuss the theme in their book ,which ranges from friendship to self-confidence to crying for release. Poets then composed a signature piece, inspired by the author’s work, matching the theme in poetic composition. The goal of the show is to inspire viewers to read and write not only for education and entertainment, but also as a way to engage with the community. 

Raise Your Voice celebrates National Poetry Month in April. This special series includes nine author-poet segments, to be released each Wednesday in April on WTCI-Educate’s YouTube channel. Segments will be paired and broadcast on channel 45.4 every Thursday at 10 a.m. in April. 

About Raise Your Hand – Created and taught by local community members, Raise Your Hand is the flagship series of WTCI, engaging all age groups from early learners to young adults in educational content from math, music, literacy, college readiness, storytelling, science, and more. Started during the pandemic for teachers to help students learn from home, the show has transformed. WTCI Educate encourages students at any age to think globally, learn locally. 

About Rhyme N Chatt – First organized in 1999, Rhyme N Chatt Interactive Poetry Organization (RNC) is one of Chattanooga’s historic institutions where poets are challenged to express themselves, providing a safe place for poetry to be shared and discussed, valuing people and their unique creativity. Rhyme N Chatt takes pride in welcoming new poets and those interested in starting the artform. Members

of Rhyme N Chatt often cite the organization as the first place they openly shared their poetry, feeling unjudged and supported within the safe and friendly atmosphere. 

About WTCI Educate – WTCI Educate broadcasts engaging local and national content, created by teachers, students and community leaders. WTCI Educate acknowledges that many students and families do not have access to digital technology for free, educational resources, particularly in areas of concentrated poverty and rural communities, WTCI Educate is designed to support educational equity efforts by amplifying and widely sharing opportunities, resources and programming, created by and with our local community. Find WTCI Educate on channel 45.4, EPB 304, or on Youtube. 

WTCI Press Contact 
Robyn Stringfellow 
Manager of Educational Content and Services

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